The Smart Table Lamp

Shihyung “Bobby” Kim
MADWORKSHOP Fellow, 2014

Kim’s smart table lamp combines the best of today’s technology while maintaining a simple “human-friendly” design. Kim sought to fulfill some basic objectives, like creating a lamp with ease of movement and with multi-functions (like a lamp that goes from reading a book to spotlighting a piece of art). He also wanted to explore the use of indirect lighting as a design treatment. (continued below)

Inspired by human anatomy, the lamp’s movement mimics the organic motion of the human arm, while the aperture of the lamp will function much like the human eye in reverse, adjusting the amount of light that exits by opening and closing. The indirect lighting treatment will be achieved via mirrors and channels that reflect, direct, and constrict light.

By exploring how we use light and reflecting upon our evolving understanding of modern workspaces, Kim’s innovative design re-imagines the simple desk lamp into functional art.

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