Light and Matter Studio

Riccardo Blumer
MADWORKSHOP Fellow, current


MADWORKSHOP sponsored architect, researcher, and, professor, Riccardo Blumer on his latest research project that will capture ephemeral light at six Italian chapels and materialize them in 3D printed installations.

Light and Matter Studio

The Fondo Ambiente Italiano (FAI) and MADWORKSHOP have launched a project at Villa Panza, entitled Light and Matter, centered around Architecture, Design, Innovation and Research. Riccardo Blumer, in collaboration with the Mendrisio Academy, will work with students to study the dynamics of light and its materialization, a topic closely tied to the identity of the Villa and its collection. In order to develop this study, it will be necessary to examine several exceptional archetypes, such as the chapels of the Sacro Monte (“Sacred Mountain”) in the town of Varese, to 3D print the quality of light as it is reflected and refracted by the structure. The directors of the Villa Panza, who will organize workshops and presentations of the developments and findings of the study, will be involved in the coordination of the project. The results of the project will be presented at the Villa Panza with specific workshops that will enrich the programming of the institution. The workshops will be open to students and the academic world, and will hopefully have the opportunity to be shown in Los Angeles, and locations beyond, once the exhibition in Italy is complete.

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